Professional PHOTOGRAPHY:

Success Without School

By Tom Ray, PPA Certified


Want to work part-time as a photographer,

but make a full-time income?

Let me show you how you can do it!



* Do you already know the camera basics?

* Have you ever wondered how to cross-over from amateur photographer to professional?

* Have you read any "how to" books but still have a day job?




Copyright Tom Ray, PPA Certified


My name is Tom Ray.

Today I am a Certified Professional Photographer through the Professional Photographers of America, but how I started out is the subject of my story. In order to assist you with your dream, I've written an important ebook that will tell you what little you really need to know to succeed in the photography business and maybe even save you thousands of dollars on an unnecessary photography school education.

I don't mind telling you that I once considered attending photography school but found it just too expensive. So I did what you've probably done already.

I read many "How To" books; how to make money with my camera and how to photograph people, children, weddings, products, etc. It wasn't until years later that I realized why the information contained in the many books available didn't help me to earn a living with my camera.

I needed something the books couldn't tell me!

You don't need elaborate technical skills. People won't buy your pictures just because they are great.

You don't need fancy equipment to take the pictures that sell.

You don't need money making ideas. I tried many photographic money making ideas and learned that when you're an outsider even good ideas are hard to find buyers for.

You need Specific Knowledge given in Simple Steps.

I got a break many years ago when I found the perfect mentor. He was a ready-to-retire instructor at an elite photography school who offered me an extremely abbreviated photography education for free. The "experiment" was, could I succeed with it? The answer is YES, I DID!

Those in photography school aren't getting specific knowledge in simple steps because they're getting the whole package. That's what they've paid for! I learned that I only needed a part of the package, the part that would enable me to create what a customer wants to buy, and help me to become an insider for that market.

That's the part of the package you want too; just the necessary information to get working and not one detail more.

What do I need to know to make a living with my camera?

You need insider knowledge of how to get "inside" a market and provide only what your clientele pays money for.

You need to know less details but more specifics... most other books and classes are geared toward all the details.

I had varied photographic tastes but because my mentor was a career photographer and teacher in the area of portraiture, I decided to give it a shot.

There is great opportunity in people photography.

But I'd read many "How To" books about portrait or "people" photography and knew that not one of them had made any difference in my ability to actually earn money, because none of them shared insider knowledge about how to start step by step realistically and on a budget.

So who has this insider knowledge?

I do now! I know what works for sure after following my mentor's wise advice and seeing it work for me.

My frame of reference from the beginning has always been "Tell me just what matters most and how I can do it." Now that I've been on the inside for so many years I know what matters most and how you can do it. Thanks to the internet, it is now possible for me to pass along this information without a publisher!  This is an eBook in pdf format which will be immediately accessible by computer after your purchase. You may save the website to look at anytime, or you may save the pdf document to your computer. You may even print the book out on your printer!


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So What Am I Offering You?

I'm offering to teach you my mentor's three basic steps to get started as a professional earning money. I'm offering you a first-hand account of how it worked and giving you many other details of how I put these basic steps to work and built a respectable, full time career without academics, assisting others or financing.

Here's what you'll get:

* A focused, easy to follow explanation of how to go from amateur photographer status to full time professional without expensive advertising, education or equipment.

* The basic steps to follow in order to make money with your pictures

* An understanding of what to expect expect as you're starting out and as you progress

* Recommended start-up equipment details

* A few of my true life motivational stories!

* Information about private consultation & mentoring


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Here's what you won't get:

* Details you can get in all the other books and lectures about f stops, shutter speeds or
lighting techniques

* A thick book containing confusing details too intimidating for a start-up photographer to
ever imagine in the first place

* Empty promises of easy money and no work

* Product endorsements that aren't real -- nobody paid me off!


My goal is to get you through the door, up and running, from an "outsider" to an "insider". This was the goal of my mentor, and I want to be your mentor. I'm fulfilled with my occupation now and I know this works; I work from the comfort of my own Home Studio!

As soon as you finish downloading my book, pour yourself a cup of coffee & get started reading. You will know immediately that you can do this and will wonder why nobody else makes it this easy! My guess is that most people didn't go about their career this way so they don't have this kind of story to tell.

I have decided to charge $19.95 for this book that will only take seconds to download, but you should know it is worth so much more. It is worth years of my photography experience, and a lifetime of my mentor's career first as a photographer then as a lifetime teacher in one of photography's most prestigious schools!


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If you're still thinking about it, then let me put it in perspective for you --

For about the price of a cheap dinner for two, you'll be exposed to the advice that I tried and it changed my life. Can the next meal you eat offer you that? Hear what just two of my readers have said:

I purchased your e-book "Success Without School" this afternoon and just finished reading it. I must say, at first glance, I thought, "ah-hah", what a neat little gimmick for somebody to make money on the web. After just reading a few paragraphs, I quickly realized you are a God-send... I am now ready to pursue this dream and thanks to you I truly feel I can do this. I'm sure I will be calling with a million questions. Again, thanks so much for the time you put into this book. Who knows, maybe some day this little West Virginia girl might choose nursing as her part-time job. Thanks again. Paula Lingenfelter

Usually I become very sleepy after just a few short pages of any book, but as I read through your material, I became more excited about gathering the information contained within your pages of insight. Your book was relaxing, informative, and uplifting to say the least. I enjoy reading material that does not make me feel that the author is looking to make the next buck and then move on to the next "creative publication." Your book was able to make me feel that I did actually know more about the photography subjects at hand... Best Regards Always,... Keith Capsuto

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